Jul 26 2010

Totems, Symbols, and Reconciliation in Inception



Spoiler Alert – Inception was an intellectually stimulating and engaging combination of sci-fi action movie, ensemble piece about corporate espionage, and an introspective drama about guilt, loss, and reconciliation. The premise of extracting and planting ideas in the subconscious through dreams and the idea of group dreaming was a fresh approach.

Inception seemed to invite the audience into it’s multi-layered dream and keep us there until the very end. Though the dreamers in the movie were the architects and very intentional in their dreams, watching Inception felt more like having a real dream.  It felt off kilter and sometimes confused and very in the moment.

Real dreams, the ones that come to us as we sleep, the ones we don’t control, allow us to unravel our mental, emotional, and spiritual knots. We need to dream in order to remain sane. Even though we don’t remember all of our dreams or understand the ones we do remember, our dreams allow us our sub-conscious minds to reorder and reinterpret our lives.  We don’t have to know what happens in our dreams in order for them to heal us.

Perhaps the movie, like a dream, is meant to be personal and individual. There are lots of ways to look at the ending. It felt a bit like waking up in the middle of a dream. We each will draw individual conclusions and interpretations in order to try to make sense of it. Like the dreamers in the movie, each member of the audience brings a collection of beliefs and ideas to interpreting Inception. Continue reading