Feb 27 2012

The Artist is the best picture I never saw


I kept not going to see The Artist. When I had the chance to go to a movie I chose something else. Every time. When I was a little kid I remember everyone telling me how great The Wizard of Oz was. After I saw it I was afraid to admit how much I disliked it. I was supposed to like it. I sort of feel that way about The Artist.

I get why I’m supposed to like The Artist.  It represents the roots of Hollywood itself. For a Hollywood-type to dis The Artist would be like a Christian dissing The Gutenberg Bible.

But a silent, black and white picture doesn’t really appeal to me. On top of that it looks like there’s a lot of dancing in it. I like plot and action. I love dialog. I don’t even mind if it’s subtitled. I tend to like movies that involve people talking to one another, so I’m not a big fan of survival movies with a cast of one. Continue reading