Feb 1 2010

Lost TV Characters and the Seven Deadly Sins—Will Season 6 Change How We See Them?


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Lost starts Tuesday. Hopefully some of the questions that have built up over the last five years will be resolved. I recently came across this article from 2008: Get Lost in the Seven Deadly Sins by Amelie Rosseau, on the Lost Media fan site.

And here is a YouTube video called The Seven Deadly Sins of Lost:

I agreed with many of the assessments in these. I think each of the characters, like most of us, have more than one sin that motivates his or her choices. Here is my take on which characters seem to be driven by which sins:

Pride – Benjamin Linus &  Charles Whitmore are in a power struggle for the island. Pride is probably the besetting sin of leadership and power. When someone thinks they know what’s best for other people and is willing to lie, manipulate, and maybe even kill to further his own agenda that’s driven by pride. Jack is prideful, but not even close to being in Ben and Charles’ league. After years of feeling rejected and victimized Locke’s ego has to be stroked by feeling special and chosen. Juliet is just a bit sanctimonious about being right, and she’s pretty sure that she’s right on just about everything. It is ultimately Eko’s pride that drives his unwillingness to repent of his sins which apparently leads to death by smoke monster.

Envy – Jin’s insecurity pushes him toward envy. Charlie struggles with the same sort of thing. He’s jealous for Claire’s attention. He’s trying so hard to restore his image and wants so desperately to be a hero that he tags along with those that might be considered leaders hoping to be identified with them. Continue reading

Oct 26 2008

Lost and the Seven Deadly Sins


(Other Sinema7 blog posts about Lost are available at http://sinema7.net/tag/lost/)As all of us Lost fans wait for the new season to begin in 2009, here’s a piece that appeared in the Oregon Emerald last February. Amelie Rosseau explores how the characters in Lost embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Not only did she match characters to sins but she found correlations between the animals which appear on the show and those associated with the sins:

Get Lost in the Seven Deadly Sins

Jack = Pride
Jin = Envy
Locke = Anger
Shannon = Sloth
Sawyer = Greed
Hurley = Gluttony
Kate = Lust

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