Jun 12 2013

Lessons in appreciation of beauty and creativity from KA in Las Vegas


Cirque du Soleil’s KA was my first show on my first trip to Vegas. Pageantry is not generally my thing, but over the last year I’ve thought a lot about storytelling. As I watched the KA story unfold on stage, I was keenly aware of the details that went into the telling. The creativity and collaboration represented in those details have made me more keenly aware of the decisions about art and beauty all around me.

KA’s story is a simple legend of good and evil, love and loyalty, and the coming-of-age journeys of brother and sister who have been separated and must  find their way back to one another. It is presented without a lot of storytelling detail, which makes me think about early filmmaking, opera, and ballet. All those medium require less sophisticated stories and rely more on the emotional appeal and universality of the stories for the audience to connect. Marvel is currently working with Cirque du Soleil to adapt the imperial twins heroic journey into a comic book series. I did feel that, like opera, the performance could have done with a libretto of some sort. Continue reading