Jul 7 2011

How I Am Second is sending me to the Cliffs of Insanity


Today I’m having a Princess Bride style argument with myself about “I am Second.” I admire the organization and appreciate what they are doing. I mean no offense, but I think their name should be “I am Third” instead of “I am Second.” If Jesus is first, shouldn’t others be second, and I be third?

But then, if I share this opinion on my blog, aren’t I, in practice, making myself second? If I was really third I would shut up and let I Am Second be second if they want to be second instead of pointing out that I think they should be called I Am Third. So they are probably right, my practical position is that I am second even though my philosophical position is that I am third.

I can’t help wondering what it would look like if I really decided to live like I am third.