Jan 14 2011

The Themes of Pride and Humility in The King’s Speech


The King’s Speech affirms Proverbs 11:2 & 15:33 which say that “humility precedes honor.” With a king for a father and a name like Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor, Bertie has become accustomed to being treated with extreme deference. There are rules about how he is to be addressed, how far from him to stand, etc.  He is used to people adapting their schedules and practices to his expectations. He is firmly rooted in the pride of his position as Duke of Windsor, the Prince of his father King George V of Great Britain.

Royalty are usually trained to feel separate and above their subjects. One might expect that people who are in this sort of position of authority and power would have some trouble with pride. Yet submission seems to be a prerequisite to getting help, and Bertie needs help. Continue reading