Mar 3 2012

Restoration in Hugo, plus a comparison of Hugo and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close as Quests for Fathers


Hugo automaton


Hugo is a story about healing and restoration and rediscovering wonder. Rich visual detail, especially in the clock tower, create a setting that is surreal and wonderful. The setting gave the story a sort of fairy tale quality. 

In a place where time passes and trains move people along on their journeys,  Hugo, Georges and Gustav, the Station Inspector, are stuck. They’ve all experienced disappointment and hurt and can’t seem to move on from it. 

Hugo has lost his father and is on a quest to finish fixing the automaton that the two of them began restoring together. All he has left to connect him to his father is the automaton and his father’s notebook. Hugo keeps going because of his love for his father and his father’s love for him. It is his quest that connects him to the other characters in the story, but it is love that drives the quest.  Continue reading