Oct 17 2012

Argo is a true story about the journey home


The name of the fictional movie may not have been much of a factor, but the Argo was the ship in Greek mythology that carried Jason on his journey to find the Golden Fleece. Tony Mendez’ story follows this pattern. In the epic hero’s journey the hero is minding his own mundane business when he is called to adventure. He resists the call but finds himself in circumstances that force him to cross the threshold into the unknown and take on a quest. Very often in these myths the quest is determined by forces with more power than the hero. While the hero’s quest seems impossible there is no choice but to meet each challenge and defeat them with strength, wits, and sometimes supernatural help. At some point the hero experiences some sort of real or figuarative death and resurrection involving an internal conflict that could prevent achieving the quest. The hero returns from the journey victorious having achieved his quest and overcome his internal conflict. He returns to a reward that often includes love, celebration, and status. Sometimes when the hero gets home he is faced with more challenges before he receives his full reward. Politics and intrigue aside, the focus of Argo, the real movie, is about getting people home. Tony’s quest to bring others home took him on a journey that brought him home again as well. Argo inspired me to consider my own hero’s journey. Continue reading