Feb 27 2011

Sanctum was a beautiful mess


(Contains spoilers) I honestly would have liked Sanctum more if it had been a 3-D IMAX movie with trippy music and no dialog. I found the cave scenes and the 3-D effects riveting. Not so the story. The story is loosely based on a true event in a cave in Australia in 1988 in which everyone survives. Apparently for the filmmakers survival movie = lots of death and not too much survival.

Now I’m a fan of disaster and horror movies. Everyone knows at the start of the movie that out of the initial group of characters some of them are going to get killed along the way. One by one.  I wonder if Vegas runs a book on this sort of movie. Seems like there should be some sort of movie death pool where we can bet on the order and method in which characters in a movie are going to die. Continue reading