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Sinema7 brings the transformative power of the Christian faith into a modern context. The use of contemporary cinematic illustrations creates a fresh reflection of our own personal indulgences in light of those movies that subconsciously shape our behavior. Maureen Herring avoids the typical demonization of Hollywood prevalent in current Christian commentary by using an analytical approach to the characters, plots, and themes of these familiar stories. Rather than seeing movies as a constant threat to our culture’s morality, her analysis sets the framework for a change in Christian worldview that creates a rich opportunity for the ideals of the Christian faith to become relevant in a world that often believes God is absent in their everyday lives. Sinema7 will alter the way that we approach entertainment and open the door for conversations with those who have lost sight of the greater glories of our faith.
-Rev. Stephen V. Allen


Jesus often hit home with his listeners through the telling of stories. Movies are our modern day stories, and Sinema7 reflects on those stories.   Maureen Herring’s knowledge of scripture, history, and the cinema powerfully merge in this book.  She takes us on a journey through the seven deadly sins and how they are represented in movies, and provides the biblical perspective for each.  This book is a relevant, practical tool for ministers and small groups.  You may even want to read this with a bowl of popcorn!
-Rev. Dr. Yvette Garcia, Pastor of Truth Chapel, San Antonio, Texas


In Jesus’ own ministry he did not shy away from honest discussion with those seeking eternal life…Through simple stories (parables), he shared divine revelations about the Kingdom. His ministry was unashamedly relevant—and so is this book.
-David McLain, Pastor, Bridge Community Church


Maureen Herring takes her interest in movies and presents each of the seven deadly sins and the virtues that oppose them. She challenges the reader to interact with the movies they watch in a whole new way.
-Dr. David W. Smith, Executive Director, Austin Baptist Association


The structure and rhetorical execution in Sinema7 is top notch. It’s a solid read, with great film quotes and vital, moral evaluations. Sinema7 is perfect courseware for a small group, and a great introduction to the questions of how we should live our lives. Any moral commentary that finds a way to reconfigure John Belushi’s Bluto, from “Animal House,” into a road sign for temperance … is a commentary well-worth reading.
-Floyd Wray, author of Blood Toys