Top 10 Favorite Romantic Comedies


My husband knows how lucky he is. I’d rather watch a mountain blow up than watch a relationship blow up. I’ll admit it. I haven’t seen Blue Valentine, Black Swan, or any of the Twilight Movies. Once in awhile a dramatic love story comes along that actually captivates me. Once in awhile a film captures a truth that makes me nod my head, maybe nudge my husband, and seriously examine my sense of romance. Most of the time, though, if I’m going to watch a love story I’d rather watch a romantic comedy.

Maybe we’re just funny people but I tend to find more to relate to in romantic comedies than I do in the wrenching emotional disasters that a lot of dramatic love stories portray. It’s not everyone’s list but below is my top ten favorite love stories. I started to write a little synopsis about each of them but it occurred to me that they are all about the same thing: emotional risk taking. Romantic love is about stripping off the layers we put on to protect ourselves and revealing who we are to someone else. It’s about figuring out how to be a couple with another person without losing one’s own identity. It’s about discovering that the mathematical principles behind love are rarely 50%-50%. It about trusting the other person enough to be honest. It’s about thinking in terms of “we” instead of just “me.” To paraphrase Paul in Corinthians “Love is kind and patient. Lovers aren’t out for what they can get. Love causes us to forgive and not carry grudges. Love makes us considerate and trusting. Love makes us willing to absorb the inconveniences, the hurts, the disappointments, and the challenges.”

Most of us stumble over at least some aspects of love so we can be awkward and clueless, and that’s funny when it’s happening to someone else. From the omnipotent view we usually have in movies it’s much easier to see that love is reciprocated, that acceptance is an embrace away. As situations get funnier and complicated we may even whisper “Just tell her,” or “Call him,” as our screen couple struggles. It’s not so easy when it’s our own real hearts on the line. Maybe the appeal of romantic comedy is the reassurance that it works out sometimes. That risking pride and rejection for love pays off.

So, here’s my list of movies that inspire me to take risks:

Love Actually

Roman Holiday


When Harry Met Sally


The Wedding Singer

Sense and Sensibility

The Princess Bride

As Good as it Gets

Say Anything

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