My Top 7 Funny Scary Movies


I think it’s fun to be scared but it’s even more fun to laugh and be scared at the same time. Maybe comedy horror is good mad science. A good scare is just what I need to get my adrenalin pumping, and then add some humor and the endorphins kick in.  Happy Halloween.

Favorite Monster Movie: Young Frankenstein is an old Mel Brooks classic. Shot in black and white, it parodies those really, really old Frankenstein movies. It’s full of quotable lines and physical gags.

Favorite Vampire Movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was just fun. It took the elements of a successful teen movie and gave it a really interesting twist. The casting really made this movie.

Favorite Werewolf Movie: American Werewolf in London played more like a straight horror flick. John Landis infused this movie with a subtle, charming humor and some great music.

Favorite Zombie Movie: Zombieland had the best zombies of any zombie movie I’ve ever seen. Woody Harrelson’s Tallahassee and Jesse Eisenberg’s Columbus were dead on (pun intended) as mismatched buddies thrown together by chance. The writing was witty and irreverent.

Favorite Ghost Movie: Ghostbusters is another classic. When “Who ya gonna call?” has been a tagline since 1984 you know you’re on to something. It’s just fun.

Favorite Insane Killer Movie: Hot Fuzz I loved because of the great writing and offbeat British humor. The small British town in the movie is populated with characters that parody typical Agatha Christie / Murder She Wrote types. It stars Simon Pegg as the big city cop transplanted into a small-town police force.  Pegg was also great in Shaun of the Dead, my second favorite Zombie movie.

Favorite Giant Creatures: Lake Placid had so much clever banter between characters.  I especially loved Betty White as Mrs. Bickerman. The giant croc was just ridiculous. When I first saw this in the theater my son and I were the only people laughing. I still don’t know why.

2 Responses to “My Top 7 Funny Scary Movies”

  • admin Says:

    You’re right – Shaun of the Dead would be a good one as well. And fair enough, thanks for the comment! So, what would your top 7 or 10 be?

  • JermiahJohnson Says:

    This might possibly be the worst list i have ever seen. I suppose you could call Ghostbusters a “horror comedy” but Hot Fuzz is not even close. Also a list of horror comedies without Evil Dead 2 is instant fail. Shaun of the Dead is also notably missing.