Sinema7 book update


The book Sinema7 is written, it is currently under review and in the process of being published. Ordering information will be posted here. Maureen is currently working on a small group study guide to go along with the book.  It will include references for movie clips in each chapter – we trust it will be a fun and meaningful tool to study the seven.

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  • Pamella Says:

    Pi is the boy’s name and it has nothing to do with the maectmatihal pi. Although there may have been a small discussion about the correlation in the book, it is not hugely relevant. Pi is short for his full name, Piscine Molitor Patel (he is named after a swimming pool). He changes it to Pi when he begins secondary school, because he is tired of being taunted with the nickname, Pissing Patel ( Piscine sounds like Pissing ).I have not been paying much attention to hype these days and I was surprised to see that it was even being made into a movie. A friend of mine recommended and lent the book to me when I was between books earlier this year or last year. I did love it a lot and it won a famous prize for fiction, The Man Booker Prize, so I’m not totally surprised, I guess, that others could have liked it as much as I did. Its super imaginative and lush and I can see how it would translate easily into a visually rich modern movie.